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Services & Prices

We offer a comprehensive orthopaedic service, aiming to deliver the best possible quality at the most competitive prices we can.

A very important part of orthopaedic surgery to ensuring a good outcome is the initial consultation. This is when the first assessment is made, and decisions are made as to how to proceed. There are a number of steps to this:

  1. Your pet dog or cat has a comprehensive orthopaedic assessment and the cause of the problem is localised.
  2. A plan is made as to which diagnostic tests or treatment are appropriate, and what the alternatives may be possible.
  3. We discuss with you our recommendations and what to expect. If surgery is indicated, we explain what is involved and help you prepare for the post-operative period.
  4. A decision is made and we proceed with that plan.

It is important that you, the pet owner, fully understand what is being proposed, and the implications of treatment / surgery, including potential outcome, possible complications and likely costs.

We allow a full 1 hour to do this assessment thoroughly. This means we have time to make sure we have discussed everything with you fully and are able to answer any questions you may have. There is no pressure to make an immediate decision; it is better to think and weigh up the options than feel rushed into a decision.

At Arthurs Orthopaedics your pet is always assessed by an experienced specialist orthopaedic surgeon (not a student, veterinary surgeon or specialist surgeon in training).

We make a full written report of our findings, recommendations, and procedures performed. Your vet gets a copy and you get the same copy.

Fee guide

We offer a fixed price policy. At the outset, we give you a clear all-inclusive going-home price and we don’t go over our estimate; we stick to the price we give you.

The exception to this would be if additional problems were found or unforeseen complications occurred.

At the time of consultation, the fees that we estimate are full going-home prices with no hidden extras. As an example, they include when appropriate:

– Initial consultation
– X-rays
– Sedation, anaesthetic, monitoring and intravenous fluids
– Surgery including all surgical consumables and implants
– Post-operative hospitalisation, pain relief, and all medication
– Clear discharge instructions
– VAT @ 20 %

Rough estimates can be given over the telephone but a more accurate estimate is given at the time of consultation; once we are sure exactly what the problem is, what the recommended treatment plan is, and what additional considerations may be needed.

The fees listed below are a guide. Many things affect the likely cost of treatment. Common variables include the size of the patient, how complex the work-up is, whether the procedure can be done under sedation or general anaesthetic, how many and which implant are required, how many days of hospitalisation are required, how many dressing changes are required, how many and which drugs are required, or how long a course.

First consultation, 1 hour as described above£250
Follow-up consultation, 30 minutes £125
Interpretation of images (X-ray or CT) taken elsewhere£150
Lameness work-up; consultation, X-rays, sedation or general anaesthetic from £500
Re-examination visit; consultation, sedation recheck X-rays£350-400

Most patients need at least 1 post-operative visit about 8 weeks after surgery.

Fractures, assuming no other complications

Simple e.g. puppy or kitten growth plate £1500-2500
Medium fracture £2500-4000
Complex fracture
Elbow lateral condyle fracture£2500-4000
Elbow bi / Y / T fracture£4500-6500

Angular limb deformity correction

CT work-up, 3D printed bone model & surgical guides£2000-2500
Corrective surgery£3500-5000

Carpus (wrist)

Pancarpal arthrodesis (double plate)£3500-5500


Elbow dysplasia
Arthroscopic surgery, 1 elbow £2000-2700
Arthroscopic surgery, 2 elbows£2500-3500
Ulnar osteotomy with stabilisation £2500-3000
Ununited Anconeal Process surgery £2000-3000
Humeral Condylar Fissure; 1 transcondylar screw£2000-2500
Humeral Condylar Fissure; 1 transcondylar screw£2600-3300


Removal of Osteochondrosis flap, 1 shoulder £2000-2700
Removal of Osteochondrosis flap, 2 shoulders £2500-3500
Arthrodesis (fusion) £4000-5000

Hock / Tarsus (ankle)

Partial tarsal arthrodesis (partial fusion)£2500-4000
Pantarsal arthrodesis £3500-5500
Osteochondrosis fragment removal£2000-3000
Fracture / luxation stabilisation£2000-4000

Stifle (knee)

Patellar luxation without femoral osteotomy£2000-3500
Patellar luxation with femoral osteotomy£3500-6000
TPLO surgery for cruciate disease, dog <15kg£3000-3500
TPLO surgery for cruciate disease, dog 15-40kg£3500-4000
TPLO surgery for cruciate disease, dog 40-50kg £4000-4500
TPLO surgery for cruciate disease, dog 50-60kg £4500-5000


Femoral Head & Neck Excision Arthroplasty £1500-2500
Luxated hip; Toggle stabilisation £2000-3500
Femur capital physeal fracture stabilisation £2000-3500
Double (Triple) Pelvic Osteotomy for hip dysplasia£3000-4000
Total Hip Replacement: contact to discuss